About ePrisons Suite:

It is covering all the activities related to Prisoners in Prisons, developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC).
The functional modules / activites undertaken so far:

1. Prisoner Information Management System;
2. Visitors Information Management System;
3. Hospital Management System;
4. Police Monitoring System;
5. Courts Management System;
6. Roaster Management System (RMS); and
7. Kiosk - for Prison;

Prisoner Information Management System:


PIMS is a web based solution for Prisoner Management developed by National Informatics Centre.
This software provides a centralised approach for recording and managing prisoner information and generating different kinds of reports. PIMS Records and Caters for the following needs :
1) Prisoner Basic Details;
2) Prisoner Family Details;
3) Prisoner Biometrics (fingerprint) and photograph;
4) Prisoner Medical Details;
5) Prisoner Case History;
6) Prisoner Movements;
7) Punishment details of the prisoner;
8) Search for a prisoner; and
9) Reports for administration purposes.

Visitors Information Management System:


VIMS is a web based solution for Visitor Management. The visitor management module assists
in capturing all relevant information about the visitor and automatically saved in database.
A high quality pass is issued to the visitor (the system can also be operated in pass-less
mode in which no pass is issued to the visitor) . No need to re-enter data for regular visitors
again as the data can be searched and new pass can be issued with minimum changes.
1) Integrated with PIMS which helps to analyse the visitors for a prisoner by the jail staff.
2) Generates different kinds of reports.